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An Expert guide to Buying a Lodge

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Free guide to Buying a Holiday Lodge

1. Buy British?

The Lodge market has become more saturated in recent years, with many British, European and worldwide manufacturers. To purchase a new lodge, Wessex, Omar and Prestige, all are built to BS3632 or similar and will come with guarantees and reliability.

2. Does size matter?

Yes, it is better to go a little larger as this will help with resale values and provide more space to live in. I would recommend lodges between 36ft x 20ft up to 46ft x 20ft. We can also offer 22ft wide lodges, which one of our customers have ordered and are delighted with.

We also have 7 new, spacious plots to accommodate a 42 x 14 single lodge from Omar, Prestige, Wessex or Regal that are built to the same luxurious standard and specification as the larger lodges and are fully furnished with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

3. Can I buy bespoke?

Yes, you can. The process takes a little longer than buying a standard model. However, if you are willing to wait for the lodge to be built, you can customise the lodge to suit your individual requirements.

4. Why do lodge prices vary so much?

This is a much asked question, but one that can be answered simply. It is all about location, location, location. Different parts of the country have different land values, like houses, so you will pay more for a lodge in an expensive part of the country. Another factor will be the size of the park and the facilities on it.

5. Is my investment safe?

Yes, in most cases it is. Most lodge park owners are members of the BH&HPA (British Holiday and Home Parks Association). They work to a code of practice which gives the lodge buyer some security. If you have any concerns, either speak with existing lodge owners on the park or consult a solicitor.

6. How long will a lodge last for?

Difficult to answer, as they are a relatively new market. The roof is normally covered with a 30 year guarantee and there are guarantees on other parts too. I would estimate they should last well over 50 years if kept in good order.

7. Is it easy to buy and sell a lodge?

(A) Buying

The process is quite straightforward. Contact the park where you like the location and facilities that suit your personal needs. See what is for sale and decide on the model you like best. Negotiate a deal and once you have transferred the funds you can move in pretty much straight away! If there isn’t a lodge you like on the park, talk to the sales staff, who can recommend a new lodge that can be ordered and delivered to the park. Most parks offer a licence agreement for the lodge over 25 years or more.

(B) Selling

This process should also be straightforward. Contact the park and they will advise you on the likely re-sale value of the lodge. This can be double-checked with an estate agent, who normally carries out a free valuation service. The park will take between 10% - 15% + VAT commission when the lodge is sold.

8. How long can I occupy my lodge?

This will vary from park to park, depending on the policy of the local district council. Check with the park owner where you are considering buying.

9. Can I sub-let my lodge?

This will depend on each individual park. In general terms, if you are looking for peace and quiet, do not purchase on a park where the park rules allow sub-letting. If you wish to maximise rental income from letting the lodge, then choose a park that encourages subletting and preferably has good facilities such as a swimming pool.

10. What are the annual running costs of a lodge?

Each park should be able to detail the estimated charges for the year. These include pitch fee (ground rent), water, sewage charges, park maintenance. Electric charges are normally individually metered to each lodge. Council Tax charges will depend on the park and the status of the occupier.

Timm Hay is the Managing Director of the Beeston Group with 8 parks in East Anglia.
Contact him here if you require further information.

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Owner Benefits

There are many great reasons to own a lodge at New Hall Lodge Park, here are just some of the reasons our customers love it here...

  • Secure Gated Community
  • 12 month holiday licence
  • Residential Wardens
  • CCTV
  • 90 years left on the licence
  • Personal and friendly service
  • Peaceful and Relaxed
  • Excellent Transport Links
  • Close to London
  • Lodge Only Park
  • No letting allowed -lodge owners only